Moving to a new country


A friend’s engagement in Sri Lanka

I’ve always dreamed about living in a different country. I wanted to study abroad in College but it never happened. So when my boyfriend asked if I wanted to move to Sri Lanka I was totally game.

We talked about our plans for the next couple weeks and a month later he was off to Sri Lanka to start working with his friend. I knew that this was about to be the biggest adventure of my life!

Over the next year we sold our house, both our cars, and most of our belongings. We were away from each other for nine months since I was still in Arizona. I was so excited to leave but had to wait until our house sold. This part was frustrating but I had hope that we would be together soon and be able to start this new chapter!

It was an exciting day when our house sold and my boyfriend booked a ticket to come home. Over the next three months we sold all of our furniture and packed our boxes with dishes, pots, and pans. We shipped about fifteen boxes full of kitchen supplies across the world (you can tell where our priorities are lol). We brought nothing else besides what we could fit in our suitcases and a couple personal boxes. It was liberating.

When we left Arizona in June we decided to take a two week road trip through the US. We went up to Banff, Canada and then back down through Montana and over to Michigan where we stayed for another week. This was the best (and longest) road trip I’ve ever been on.

By the end of our travels we were getting antsy to start our next journey. We spent time with my boyfriend’s family in Michigan and then hopped on a plane from Detroit to Sri Lanka. It took us over twenty-four hours and three planes to get there. I was definitely exhausted but so excited!

Iv’e been here for a year and a half now. To say that my whole life has changed would be an understatement. It feels like its been three years because of all the growth and change that I’ve been through since we moved. I’m not sure how long we will be here or where we will go next but I’m enjoying every day and learning as much as I can on this adventure!



Our first apartment in Sri Lanka


7:30 am heavy rain (I was so excited!)




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